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The items on this site are purely for novelty collection and Education

Our mission is to help reinvigorate the gene pool by re-introducing both male and female genetics into a slowly stagnating gene pool caused by over-feminization. Landrace genetics are the building block of today's modern hybrids - along with the best education and research available - so that growers around the world can contribute to the rebuilding process.

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Candyjar Exclusives
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CandyJar Exclusive Catalogue

Full range of Candy's exclusive genetics from trusted breeders. Here you will find never seen before crosses to popular common strains to CandyJar Collabs We have something for everyone. 

Candyjar Exclusives
Candyjar Exotics logo

Educational Resources

Further Resources to assist in your education

Here at CandyJar we want our visitors to have full access to viable information and resources all in the one place. Up to date articles on genetics and more, commonly asked Q & A to assist and educate our site visitors.

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Candyjar Excusives
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Limited Edition Products

Limited & Exotic Products Exclusive to CandyJar

High quality niche products featuring Candy merch, breeders merch, Hemp products, Health & wellbeing products, Handcrafted Hemp candles and handmade local products, Collector cards and Canna gaming products.

Candy Store

Green Leaf



Step 1 - Choose your item/s and add them to cart

Step 2 - Proceed to checkout and fill in the shipping form and preferred shipping option (Express Post advised for genetics)



Once your order is received by our team you will receive a confirmation email of the order with our payment options. 


Orders dispatched same day with instant tracking

Discounts on bulk orders, contact for enquiries

Breeders and Partners Candyjar Exotics

Our Partners

Here at candyjar we thrive on bringing the most relevent information from connoisseurs around the world and making them exclusively available to you as they are released. Selected rare crosses coming into stock in extremely limited quantities!

High Quality Collectables from around the world

Here at CandyJar, We believe in quality over quantity and thats why our stocks are so limited and often not repeated.

Here you will find a range of collectables showcased from crafters with years of experience and passion.

We also stock a range of other popular lines - Niche - and Exotic products

Candy's CustomerReviews

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