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  • 1 %ER 3pk (A)  DROPS - 31/08/22

1 %ER 3pk (A) DROPS - 31/08/22


1 %ER

Mentally ill Runtz x Rock Machine



Limited release by Aeque Genetics


1%er =  (Mentally Ill Runtz x Rock Machine)

  • Variety: 70/30 indica
  • 25%
  • CBD: 1%
  • Indoor Yield: large heavy
  • Size / Height: Avg. / likes to stretchshy, recommend LST 
  • Finishes: 80 Days


Did you know!

Rock Machine - Named after an infamous Montreal biker gang, Rock Machine is a predominantly indica auto-flowering strain which, as its name suggests, produces rock hard flowers. It was bred from Afghani, Northern Lights and Lowryder strains.


DROPS - 31/08/22



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