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  • Aussie Chew 10pk (R)

Aussie Chew 10pk (R)


Aussie Chew

Turpene Time Genetics


Big Detroit Energy x Cherry West BX1 F2 x Australian Bastard Cannabis IBL x Dantes Chew


Introducing the Aussie Chew, specially produced for our friends in Australia. This unique strain is a result of crossing Big Detroit Energy x Cherry West BX1 F2 with ABC IBL x Dantes Chew. The ABC (Australian Bastard Cannabis) IBL strain is known for its amazing terps, but this one was low yielding. To address this, we crossed it with one of our big yielders to improve its yield, while enhancing the terpene profile even more. The final touch was pollinating it with our Dantes Chew keeper. The result is a flavorful and high-yielding strain that is sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. Whether you're a novice or experienced grower, the Aussie Chew is a must-have addition to your collection.


Big Detroit Energy = Mandarin Sunset x Lilac Diesel #22 R1

Ethos Genetics Big Detroit Energy is/was only available as feminized seeds.


Cherry West Bx= a cross from Freeborn Selections and has a lot of terpinolene funk, but it’s one of the few plants with the turpentine funk that JackWreck haters still tend to love! The Bx lineage is Cherry West  x (Cherry West x Cherry Limeade)


Dantes Chew = a cross between the infamous clone only Indiana Bubblegum, and Dantes Inferno by Tiki Madman collabbed with Square1 Genetics. She grows with a strong beautiful Indica leaning structure, carrying on the sawtooth leaf structure from the Indiana Bubblegum. Insanely resinous, great for hashmaking.  The one thing about this Dantes line is the terps show up a little late in the grow, but when they show up.... they show up with pungence! You can expect to find Super berry and cotton candy terps.






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