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  • Beach Butter  8+pk (F)

Beach Butter 8+pk (F)


Beach Butter

Turpenetime Genetics


Pebble Beach x Garlic Butter f2 (ThugPug Genetics)


Pebble Beach = a cross of Tahiti Lime #3 x Fpog (by Sacred Cut SeedCo)

FPOG is a hybrid strain originally bred by Alien Genetics. FPOG was a limited-time offering from the breeder, although some new varieties may now exist. This sweet hybrid takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. 

Tahiti Lime = an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious (Zkittlez X Do-Si-Dos) X Lemon & Lime strains. If you're looking for a super delicious flavor and a full-bodied high to match, you've found it with Tahiti Lime. 



Garlic Butter is a mostly indica variety from ThugPug Genetics 

Garlic Butter was only available as 'regular freebie seeds" through authorized seed banks. Garlic Butter combines some of Thug Pugs most prolific strains Peanut Butter Breath and Garlic Breath. The smells can range from doughy gas to garlic funk and everything in-between. What makes this strain stand out from the rest is its trichome production. She will throw down some of the frostiest nugs you've ever seen.

ThugPug Genetics "Garlic Butter" was never available as feminized seeds.




Turpentime Genetics on Seedfinder "Beach Butter f2" update & descriptions coming soon!




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