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  • Bubba Kush Mintz 3pk (A)

Bubba Kush Mintz 3pk (A)


Bubba Kush Mintz 

Auto – Feminized – Aeque Genetics


Lineage: Bubba Kush X Chocolate Mintz OG


THC: 25-27%

CBD: .5-1%

Size:  3-5 Feet

Type: Indica dominant hybrid

Recommend: 3-7gal pot size or bigger, this one likes to eat more then others and handles topping well if done within time

Seed to harvest: 85 days

Terps: Kush, gas, creamy

Easy one to grow, just keep up with the feed. Note: The plant likes a good dry back between watering. Takes topping and transplanting ok if done with care! 



(Don't miss, these won't last long!)

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