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  • CandyJar Exotics Sticker Pack

CandyJar Exotics Sticker Pack


CandyJar Exotics Sticker Pack

Contains 7 x Stickers


Includes: (As Pictured)

Large CandyJar Exotics Logo Sticker (9.5cm x 7.5cm)

Medium CandyJar Exotics Aus Sticker (7cm x 4cm)

Medium CandyJar Exclusives Sticker (8cm x 4cm)

Medium CandyJar Exotics 3D Style Sticker (7cm x 4.5cm)

Small CandyJar Exotics Aus Logo Sticker (4.5cm x 4cm)

Small CJE Sticker (4cm x 4cm)

Small Jar Sticker (4cm x 3.5cm)




Our original and timeless CandyJar Exotics designs created by "Steeno" are bright, fun and bold. Stand out from the croud and SLAP! one of our cool designs on your favourite glass piece, seed storage box, grow room wall or just simply collect them, we have lots of new designs in the works.


Quality stickers by CandyJar Exotics in a range of different sizes

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