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  • Chem Head 3pk (A)
  • Chem Head 3pk (A)

Chem Head 3pk (A)


Chem Head 3pk (A)

Limited release by Aeque Genetics



Chem Dog x Alien Head


Alien Head= Plutos Cut Autoflower R F3 by Ethos x Europa by Ethos, an automatic hybrid between Quattro Kush (Pluto phenotype) and Og Kush Auto F4, two Og Kush family strains.


Chem Dog= Chem OG RBx1 by Ethos is homogenized and has shown zero intersex traits so far which is very rare for a legit ChemDog cross. A perfect blend, she's vigorous but not too tall, creates big yields with stacked towers of high calyx-to-leaf ratio flower.

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