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  • Dante & Darth 8+pk (F)

Dante & Darth 8+pk (F)


Dante & Darth

Turpene Time Genetics


Dj Short Blueberry f2 x Sputnik (Square One Genetics) x Dantes Inferno (Tiki Madman Collab)


Looking for a premium strain that delivers a truly unique experience? Look no further than the Dante & Darth from Turpene Time Genetics. This exceptional strain is the result of a carefully crafted cross of Dj Short Blueberry f2, Sputnik from Compound Genetics, and Dantes Inferno from a collaboration between Tiki Madman and Clearwater Genetics. The result is a powerful and flavorful combination that is sure to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. With high-quality genetics and expert breeding behind this strain, you can trust that your garden will be filled with robust, healthy plants that produce top-tier flower. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add the Dante & Darth to your collection and experience the outstanding results for yourself.


Dj Short's Blueberry = a mostly Indica (80% Indica, 20%Sativa) strain, that dates to the late 1970`s. A large producer under optimum conditions. A dense and stout plant with red, purple and finally blue hues, that usually cure to a lavender blue. The finished product has a very fruity aroma and taste of blueberry.


Sputnik (Square One Genetics)



Dante's Inferno = a collaboration between Clearwater Genetics and Tikimadman
and is a cross of Oreoz and Devil Driver


Turpene Times "Dantes & Darth" update coming soon on Seedfinder

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