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  • Dantes Chew 8+pk (F)

Dantes Chew 8+pk (F)


Dantes Chew

Turpene Time Genetics


Indiana Bubblegum (Clone only) x Dantes Inferno


Dantes Chew = a cross between the infamous clone only Indiana Bubblegum, and Dantes Inferno by Tiki Madman collabbed with Square1 Genetics. She grows with a strong beautiful Indica leaning structure, carrying on the sawtooth leaf structure from the Indiana Bubblegum. Insanely resinous, great for hashmaking.  The one thing about this Dantes line is the terps show up a little late in the grow, but when they show up.... they show up with pungence! You can expect to find Super berry and cotton candy terps.



Bubblegum (aka Indiana Bubblegum) is a mostly indica variety from unknown origin. Originally the Bubble Gum was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. An unknown / legendary strain of all time!



Dante's Inferno = a dominant hybrid strain (70% Ind 30% Sat)
Created through crossing the classic Oreoz x Devil Driver. An epic collab between Tiki Madman and Clearwater Genetics.




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