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  • Fruit Fuckers 3pk (A)
  • Fruit Fuckers 3pk (A)

Fruit Fuckers 3pk (A)


Fruit Fuckers 3pk (A)

Limited release by Aque Genetics



Pina Auto x Planet Of The Grapes


Pina Auto= Piña Auto R BX2  by Ethos Genetics. It is a cross between Pluto Auto strain and Peach Og, resulting in a new variety into the market with great taste, high potency and a high production.


Planet Of The Grapes= Planet of the Grapes by Ethos is an Indica dominant strain (70% Indica - 30% Sativa), created by crossing Grape Diamonds X Chem D 95. Planet of the Grapes has a super sweet scent and flavor, rich in grape and sweet citrus.



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