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  • Gary's Berries 10pk (F)

Gary's Berries 10pk (F)


Gary's Berries

Reveres Genetics


Blackberry Kush x Gary Payton


- More BANG! for your buck. These packs are in a New size - 10 x feminised Seeds per pack


- The terp profile on this lady is very loud & pungent. Mixed berries with a hint of gas, amazing flavors bursting on to your palate, very addictive! She is a frosty lady with beautiful deep purples right through to the flowers. Simply, a joy to look at! The effects will leave you with a wide uplifting grin on your face that is hard to get rid of. 


- Growing Conditions: Multi-topped Bush
- Height: Medium
- Flowering Time: 56-65 Days
- Yield: Medium - Heavy 






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