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  • Grandpas Hammer 10pk (R)

Grandpas Hammer 10pk (R)


Grandpas Hammer

Turpene Time Genetics


Grandpas Breath 2.0 x 9LB Hammer (Jinx Proof Genetics)


Grandpas Breath 2.0 is a cross of Grandpas Stash x Mendobreath F3 (reversed) 

If you like candy grape terps this is a strain you have to try. We took our synthetic grape smelling cut of Grandpas Stash by Ethos and pollinated it with the Mendobreath F3 by (GGG) Gage Green Group which we reversed. Mendobreath has a way of producing hybrid vigor with every strain you cross it with, so this essentially revealed a much stronger smelling grape "Jolly Rancher" smelling plant covered in trichomes with fat dense flowers. Perfect for stress and pain.


9lb Hammer is a mostly indica variety from Jinxproof and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±55 days) and outdoors. Jinxproofs 9lb Hammer is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.


Parents: Gooberry (Afgooey x Blackberry) & Jesus OG Kush


Gooberry dominant. This Indica style plant has early resin production and pushes rock hard flowers with giant calyx smothered in resin. It displays Kush style growth. She has the abilty for immense growth, but can handle an intense pruning late in veg to train. Resin coated calyx atop large, dense flowers are surrounded by Autumn colored leaves at the end of the growth cycle. A fast finish time and a very Large producer.


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