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  • Hell's Triangle 3pk (F)

Hell's Triangle 3pk (F)


Hell's Triangle (Limited Release)

Photo – Feminized – Aeque Genetics



  • Hells OG X Garlic Triangle Mintz


  • Variety: Ind dom
  • THC: 24-29%
  • CBD: .05-1%
  • Yield:  Good yield, dense flowers
  • Terps: Dank, gas, garlic
  • Flowering time: 65-75 days



  • Hell's Triangle is good yielding Indica dominant cultivar with dense flowers that has a flowering period of 65-75 days. Potent gas and Garlic terpenes will have the room smelling dank. Very relaxing medication making it great for night time use.


These are a limited release by Aeque Genetics and won't be around for long!

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