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SOLD OUT! Kola Kommander 10+pk(R)



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Kola Kommander

517 Legend Seed Co.


Kronic Kola x Liquid Gold


Are you looking for old school, bred with intent !?

Here at CandyJar Exotics we are able to offer our customers rare and unique strains. Whether it's for the craft grower, boutique breeder or serious collector. And this one from 517 Legend Seed Co. is super rare and sort after.


Full Lineage: 

Kronic Kola x Liguid Gold


Kronic Kola =

Liquid Gold =


Kronic Kola smells and taste like cola even has the fizzy burn feeling
Gorgeous jet black leaves and Purple tricomes makes this a beauty to look at but she also yields heavy. It's the perfect plant.

While the Liquid Gold, a cross of Gold Francs x Propane has heavy soda terps that range from straight cola to 7up/sprite , jet black leaves/purple tricomes are common in the line, heavy yeilds, highly motivational, thought provoking while still providing mental relief. An overall excellent line.



About 517 Legend Seed Co

Introducing 517 Legend Seed Co. A small batch craft breeder based in the U.S., where he is commited to the preservation and protection of a fast depleting gene pool, ensuring the continuation of true breeding.


517 Legend Seed Co. proudly stands as the original creator of a distinguished array of strains, including Cake Face, Tea Wrecks, Propane, Kronic Kola, Frankenskunk, Liquid Gold, Mo Wowie, Rambutan, Krab Ragoons, and over 200 other unique varieties. Each of there offerings is the product of an unwavering dedication to the plant.


Only releasing strains in extemely limited numbers makes these 517 Legend creations very sort after for the serious breeder, grower and collector! 


Check out the link below for more information on 517 Legend Seed Co. on Seedfinder.




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