Mac Wash (Limited Release) 10pk (R)


Mac Wash

Breathwash x Sunset MAC


Breath Wash = Kush Mints x Deep Breath (This one speaks for itself) IYKYK


Sunset MAC = a cross of Alien Cookies x Columbian Starfighter x Sunset Sherbert an incredibly popular strain that a lot of people use for pain relief, general relaxation, and sleep problems. But users also find that it is mellow enough to allow them to enjoy normal recreational activities and socializing at the same time. Sunset MAC is so popular that it’s almost become a generic term for any strain with similar characteristics. Sunset Mac is also one of the strains most often recommended as a treatment for various chronic pain conditions, including back and neck problems, migraines, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. And while Sunset Mac has not been specifically tested in clinical trials, individual patients have reported remarkable success treating their symptoms. Additionally, Sunset MAC is known to be quite relaxing. However, users need not worry about drowsiness or lethargy; this variety stays clear-headed and active. That makes it perfect for dealing with pain but still allowing you to do normal activities. The strain is created by crossing Alien Cookies with Columbian Starfighter and Sunset Sherbert. It is an indica-leaning strain, so it is good for evening or nighttime use. Indica is known for its muscle-relaxing properties, so it is frequently the preferred choice for dealing with chronic pain conditions and spasms. Sunset MAC has a sweet/fruity flavor and the average levels in Sunset MAC are around 28%, The Sunset MAC strain produces large nugs and is one of the most potent smelling strains on the market, and it has the taste to match. The smell is something close to honey mixed with a distinct skunk odor. Users describe the taste as being something like peach yogurt with a honey aftertaste. As a strong indica strain, Sunset MAC is perfect for muscle tension, inflammation, and muscle cramps.   If you are looking for something that gives the best of both worlds, the Sunset MAC crosses are ideal.





By: Goat & Monkey Genetics

Not one to be missed !