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  • Midnight Med Run 10pk (R)

Midnight Med Run 10pk (R)


Midnight Med Run

Urkles Purscription x Balkh F2


Bred by Dead Rabbit Genetics (Scooby's Organics)


Urkles Purscription =


Balkh = The Balkh H_shplant is one of the most legendary afghan cultivars. This flavorful landrace variety has been used for hundreds of years for making a sweet and fruity h_shish of the highest quality.


Did You Know:

Afghanistan has the oldest h_shish culture still in existence today. Furthermore, Balkh is probably the epicenter of the Afghan h_sh tradition. The Balkh province is home to some of the best sieved h_shish in the world such as the famous “Milk of Mazar” and the “Old Golden One”. According to the legend, Baba Ku the famous healer who first brought cannabis to Afghanistan, was burried near the city of Balkh.

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