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  • Garlic Triangle Mintz R2  /3pk (F)

Garlic Triangle Mintz R2 /3pk (F)


Garlic Triangle Mintz R2 (Limited Drop)

Photo – Feminized – Aeque Genetics



  • Garlic Triangle Mintz X Garlic Triangle Mintz


  • Variety: Ind Dom
  • thc: 27%-29%
  • cbd: 05-1%
  • Yield: large
  • Terps: Garlic and gas ,earthy ,pepper
  • Flowering time: 65-75 days



  • A beautiful big plant that means business, right from the start! Huge, very dark green fan leaves and loves the light. Garlic Triangle Mintz R2 will eat a healthy diet, watch your ph levels on this one as it doesn't like heavy swings in ph levels. Flowering is such a joy to watch, packing on frost early and daily, large/med flower and round out at the end a true site to see. The smell from a far will remind you of that old school skunk, but up close she has very dank, earthy, garlic tones and peppery gas.


These are a limited release by Aeque Genetics and won't be around for long!

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