Resin Demon Combo Pack


Resin Demon Combo Pack


1 x 500ml Resin Demon Accessory Cleaner

1 x Glass Resin Demon ash-tray in a selection of 

 round or squre shape


Material: Glass (ash tray)


Resin Demon:

Keep your smoking accessories spic and span with Resin Demon Accessory Cleaner.


This product is amazing!! Firstly, Resin Demon is Environmentally friendly and as cultivators and plant lovers we should always think first about the effects of what we do, have on our environment.


Resin Demon can be used on any surface water can be used on!! which includes glass, ceramic, metals, silicone, plastics, and paint. This powerful cleaner cuts through resin and grime to restore the original beauty of what it's used on. Resin Demon is biodegradable and the only resin cleaner that is earth friendly. Non flammable and will leave no aftertaste, no bleaching, and no etching or scratching your expensive glass pieces.


Resin Demon is perfect for water pipes and rigs, bangers, hand pipes, grinders, vaporizers, mods, containers, dab tools, and more. This cleaner can be heated for really dirty pieces by pouring it into a small container and microwaving it for approx two minutes. You can add coarse salt for some extra scrubbing action, or let the item sit overnight for maximum results.


8 Reasons why we use RESIN DEMON !

  • Contains NO Isopropyl 
  • Non flammable
  • Leaves NO after-taste
  • NO bleaching 
  • NO scratching or etching glass
  • Drain friendly YES
  • Biodigradable YES
  • Earth friendly YES


Biodegradable / Earth Friendly / Can be re-used up to 4x



CandyJar Exotics is the exclusive official Distributor & stockist for Resin Demon Canada.