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  • StinkBerry Blue (Limited Release) 10pk (R)

StinkBerry Blue (Limited Release) 10pk (R)


StinkBerry Blue

(Limited Release)

Bred by small batch breeder Ol Dirty Green Thumb using only select quality genetics for his creations.


Lineage and Breeding History:


Strawberry Blue x The WiFi Connection = Snowberry Blue (Bred by Digital Genetics)


Tangarine Sunrise x Gupto Kush = Clementine Kush (Bred by Colorado Seeds)


SnowBerry Blue x Clementine Kush = Orange County Sunset (Bred by High -C Genetics)


Pink Kush x Cinderella #99 = Stink N Pink (Bred by Ol Dirty Green Thumb)


Orange County Sunset x Stink N Pink = StinkBerry Blue (Bred by Ol Dirty Green Thumb)

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