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  • Tangie F2 /10pk (R)

Tangie F2 /10pk (R)


Tangie F2

Turpene Time Genetics


Tangie x Tangie



  • Tangie is a zesty, orange, citrus dank hybrid, that will zap you with crystal clear clarity, and focus. Bordering on euphoric, she is an easy to grow strain created by crossing Skunk with Californian genetics, well suited for beginner growers with a superbly floral, dank and sweet terpene profile.



  • Created by crossing California Orange known for her tangerine, citrus aroma and flavour, with Super Skunk. The result is an easy to grow, truly aromatic hybrid that boasts bold, fruity and dank flavours. She requires low maintenance and loves to be trained. Tangie is a highly resistant, fast flowering mix of indica and sativa genetics.


Flowering time:

  • 9-10 weeks. She does not require much maintenance, making her a great choice for beginner growers who enjoy fruity terps.



  • (Med/Lrg) Great yields can be achieved when grown in a Sea of Green, where the Tangie will produce an even canopy of beautiful flower, with a heavy on set of trichomes.


What makes this strain so great:

  • A very unique hybrid when it comes to the fruity and floral department. Immense resin production and one lady who loves to be trained.


Turpene Times "Tangie F2" update coming soon on Seedfinder



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