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  • Timeless Mutiny 3pk (F)

Timeless Mutiny 3pk (F)


Timeless Mutiny (Limited Drop)

Photo – Feminized – Aeque Genetics



  • Stay Puft #1 X Garlic Triangle Mintz


  • Variety:  Ind
  • THC: 27-29%
  • CBD: .05-1%
  • Yield: Med-large
  • Terps: Sweet Pineapple and Berry and gas



  • This lady is checking all the boxs with her loud terps, high numbers and very dense, hard flowers. The beautiful smell of sweet Pineapple's, Berry's and gas makes you want to eat it. Be warned, filters maybe needed.


These are a limited release by Aeque Genetics and won't be around for long!

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