Trash Berry (Limited Release) 6pk (F)


Trash Berry

Triangle x Oregon Hash Plant x Blueberry Indica


Triangle or Triangle Kush = Is a cross of Emerald Triangle x Hindu Kush, an Indica-dominant cross. Triangle Kush strain is believed to have been originally developed by breeders in Florida, with genetics obtained from Nevil Schoenmaker’s Seed Bank in Amsterdam.The strain is suitable for experienced users, who suffer from chronic pain, nausea, and muscle spasms.


Oregon Hash Plant = A clone only indica strain that landed in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s before being taken into seed form by Nevil Schoenmaker's Seed Bank in 1987. Indica-dominance was clear here, with dark greens in leaves and calyxes as well as deep blood red pistils. Generous trichome coverage combined with above average density gave this a classic look. 


Heirloom Blueberry S1 Indica = an all round excellent indica with full indica effects. Heirloom Blueberry S1 expresses incredible aromatic blueberry flavors with gassy undertones. Some phenotypes have sweet candy-like notes as well.


S1 refers to the first filial generation produced as a result of crossing the plant with itself. This is achieved by a range of techniques aimed at reversing the sex of the selected female plant, getting it to produce male pollen and using it to pollinate itself.





By: Goat & Monkey Genetics

Not one to be missed !